LeRoc In And Around Bristol
LeRoc in Bristol: the latest news on the upcoming dances and LeRoc social events... Maps - Times - Prices - News - Reviews - & More
Modern Jive classes and events : UK-Jive
Modern Jive classes and events in the UK. LeRoc, Ceroc and Modern Jive dancing.
JiveSwing.Com - Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Charleston and Jive dance...
Joseph and Trisha's home page with details of Swing Lindy Hop Charleston Jitterbug Jazz Balboa Blues Tap and Modern Jive dancing in Watford, Welwyn and Hatfield Hertfords...
Jive-Live! The site for the Jiver
This is Jive-Live! containing what DJ Jon Brett is up to throughout the UK
Jive Addiction
Jive Addiction organise dance events in the UK and overseas, which are acknowledged by dancers as the UK's No1 Modern Jive Weekenders!
Modern Jive - Ceroc, Le Roc, etc. - Videos, DVDs, Classes, Event...
Modern Jive Resource Centre - Ceroc, LeRoc, Dance DVDs, Classes, Workshops, Learn to Dance, Holidays
Learn to dance online
Learn to dance in your area, online, DVD - latin american, ballroom dancing, salsa, argentine tango, Jive and other styles of dance

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