London Action Trust
The London Action Trust is a charity dedicated to breaking the cycle of offending to create safer communities in Greater London.
CRI Home
CRI provides a range of specialist interventions to support individuals in criminal justice and community settings.
The Griffins Society
The Griffins Society, a voluntary organisation working for the care and resettlement of female offenders
Jailbrake is a competition to find and support great ideas that could break the cycle of youth offending using simple web and mobile tools.
Motiv8 engages with young people and supports them in accessing better life chances. We do this to reduce offending and anti-social behaviour.
Youth Justice Agency of Northern Ireland :: Home
The Youth Justice Agency's overall aim is to prevent offending by children. This will be achieved through the provision of community based services, youth conferencing an...
St Giles Trust - breaking the cycle of offending
support for ex offernders, help ex offernders find housing, help ex offenders find work
The Underground -- Not your average Christian Mag
Pop culture from a Christian perspective --The Underground features Christian commentary, news, reviews and so much more.
Seo software - Sem Seo - ebooks - Clusterdevils — software
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