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The ZEN Blog
What I mean by this is how do they go "hand in hand" and make an effect on society today? One example I have is by the first ammendent. Freedom of religion...
Mega site of Bible studies and information
Free sermons, Bible Study-Online Bible, Audio & text KJV, if it's in the Gospel, it's here. Angels, Christian & Church info, Cults, Heaven, Hell, Israel, Jesus, Prayer...
Where Authors and Readers Come Together. Online Community of Authors and Readers, Promotion, author, author promotion, author marketing, book marketing, Marketing, Intera...
Guatemala, Cradle of the Maya Civilization
Our site shows all the wonders of the Maya Civilization, and everything that Guatemala has to offer to the world. Widest selection of audio books in UK!
Audio books in CDs, cassettes, mp3 and more
Atlantis and the Atlanteans
Atlantis. The Teachings of Thoth the Atlantean expounded in the Emerald Tablets. Hermes Trismegistus. The Divine Atlanteans continue Their work of helping people. Divine...
A Time to Laugh: Christian Cartoons
Christian cartoons and family comics touching on themes of church, Bible, Jesus, worship, faith, parenting, ministry and more. Updated weekly.
Vedic Horoscope | With Sw. Bhim Singh
Indian vedic Horoscopes forum for community and religious work. Councelling and advice centre. Help in relationship, financial and social issues in Guyana, Indian Communi...

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